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ProCoach Workouts are 12 month periodised programs for both men and women and are designed by world class exercise physiologists and strength coaches. They are designed to get you fit, strong, powerful and – most importantly – keep you injury free for life.

We take a long term approach to your training, and teach you how to put the basic pieces together first; walk before you can run, so to speak. The beginning of your program is focused on refining movement quality in fundamental patterns, such as squatting and lunging while balancing your joints. This will help you to make greater progress in the long run by giving you the foundation needed to train hard in a wide range of exercises at an intensity right at the edge of your ability.

ProCoach Workouts comprise of 28 different programs including fat loss or muscle gain. There are also programs designed to work around either chronic or acute injuries and many more.

Before utilising ProCoach Workouts, you will need to complete a Pre – Exercise Screening Questionnaire and an Intake Questionnaire. There are particular questions in these that will help us to assign you to the best workout program for your needs, experience, goals and injuries. 

When you begin any of the workout programs, you will initially receive ‘exercise on boarding’ cards. Over the first 5 days you will have brief videos to watch and short breathing and posture, upper body, and lower body assessments to do.

For all workout programs, exercises start in Week 2. You will automatically receive 3-4 workouts every week; and each day you will receive a Workout Card and a Review Card.

"Would highly recommend Alana as a personal trainer! She has a host of formal qualifications, a result of her passion for learning about all things fitness related. Personally, she has a vibrant and caring nature. She is fun and positive person to be around. Alana knows a range of strategies to help others become stronger and physically capable. Her home studio is a private and comfortable setting and is very convenient for Mums to get to being so close to the State School."

Andrea (36) Sunshine Coast

The Workout Card contains the workout options and exercises. You have 4 options to select from.

Full Workout (gym-based): When you have access to a gym.

At-Home Workout:  Variation of the full gym-based workout but designed to be done with minimal equipment. A great and effective option for when you want to train at home, or when you are travelling. You will only need one dumbbell, an exercise band, and something to anchor the band to.

Quick Workout: Busy, rushed, or looking for a brief ‘hit’ of exercise that isn’t a full session? Try the quick workout. A condensed version that hits the main goals of each workout; you can get your workout done in about 30 minutes or less. Also a good option if you feel your body needs a bit of a break but you do not want to take the day off entirely.

Do Your Own Workout:  You can always choose to do something else.

Once you have selected one of the first 3 options, the exercises will appear. The exercises are listed in order of expected completion. There are written instructions for each set, including reps and rounds. Each exercise has a complete list of guidelines, including photos and a HD quality demonstration video. The programs have built in variations and modifications, so you can make adjustments as needed.

Your program can be changed when required. For example, if you injure yourself, MAK Coaching can easily move you to an appropriate injury-related workout program. Remember we can nearly ALWAYS train around an injury.

Each day you are also assigned a Review Card. You click yes or no to completing your workout for that day.

MAK Coaching will track your consistency; provide you with personal accountability; coach and support you through the program; and guide you when working through blocks and setbacks.

Purchasing ProCoach™ Workouts & ProCoach™ Nutrition together saves you $$$ and delivers fantastic results with one of the most holistic coaching programs available. For as little as $44.75 per week you receive 12 months of nutrition coaching AND 3-4 workouts delivered to your inbox every week for 12 months.
MAK Coaching using ProCoach™ from Precision Nutrition gives you a seamless health and wellness experience. Nutrition, lifestyle and exercise are integrated, tracked and supported which keeps you accountable and working towards your goals.









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