"Alana's down to earth and practical approach kept me motivated and focused to achieve my goals. Alana's own story echoed my weight loss challenges and so made her approach more relatable and kept me going.

Having kids I've struggled to find balance, and get back to where I was pre-kids.. Alana has shown me with the right plan I can do it!

I've always had memberships at big gym chains but have never made any progress... within weeks of signing on with Alana I could see changes in my body. I needed her personal approach and ability to look at the whole picture, nutrition and fitness"

Pip (31) Auckland, NZ


Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about MAK Coaching.

MAK is the little one….. I’m the big one :)

MAK thinks it’s pretty cool that Mummy wants to help people get big and strong. She calls her biceps “Des” and “Troy” and she tells anyone who will listen why you need protein. She lectures her father about eating his vegetables and strangely enough as a 8 year old kid, she will ask for salad for dinner??!! Obviously, I don’t make her eat Brussel sprouts coz they taste like farts, but she loves wilted spinach under her eggs with dukkha on top in the morning; and gets annoyed at cafés when they serve her kids breakfast without said spinach. She hates McDonalds and ice-cream, though she may have been entirely built from ice-cream when in utero; but she does love chocolate; just like her mama!

So, that’s the MAK part… now to the Coaching part…

The coaching part will give you information, perspective, tools and strategies to reach your goals. Good coaches will ask you thought provoking questions without being intrusive, and will have the ability to tell you the truth and suggest ways forward without being critical. Coaches can push you when you have become too comfortable, or pull back when you have been pushing too hard.

Some of what I do is cognitive; like planning and reasoning.

Some of it is emotional, like empathising, building relationships and understanding what makes you tick.

And some of it is plain old ‘gut feeling’ and instinct.

I don’t know about you, but when I am unsure of which way to go, I ask someone to help me. I am brave enough to ask for directions… that is simply what coaching is… directions from someone who understands what it feels like to be off course.

MAK Coaching offers a premier service that delivers personal individualised nutrition and/or strength coaching both online and from a private, air conditioned home-based studio in Peregian Springs, Queensland.


MAK Coaching will encourage you to:


  • Nourish your body to meet your individual goals.

  • Let go of food confusion, learn what to do and how to do it.

  • Gain mental confidence.

  • Build physical strength and confidence in your body.

  • Achieve results that last.

  • Get off that diet roller-coaster once and for all.


Time is precious and is becoming harder to find with more and more distractions in everyday life; however it is time to value our health and wellness more than we currently do.


MAK Coaching can help you find the time. Improving both your nutrition and strength will take some effort on your behalf… just remember, this is your path to health and wellness – no one can do the work for you!


I do not profess to be an all-knowing guru, but I can give you a map and then guide you to where you want to go.


Mostly I can support you to explore your own potential.