​MAK Coaching will support you to make transformative lifestyle changes to benefit both your health and wellness. It’s all about learning how to build and maintain a more balanced life. It’s about remembering and prioritising what is important and removing what is not. It’s about becoming strong in your body and strong in your mind.  It’s about nourishing your body with nutrient-dense real whole foods. And last but not least; it’s about shifting your focus from weight and calories to strength and nourishment.



One on One Personal Training

Individualised appropriate functional strength training preserving and increasing your precious muscle mass which is so important especially as we age.


Small Group Training

Training and sharing the cost with friends, yet still receiving a personal service. (2-4 people per session)


Pre-Conception Training

Comprehensive exercise programs preparing your body to be healthy and fit for pregnancy. 


Online Nutrition Coaching
MAK Coaching utilises ProCoach™ Nutrition software from Precision Nutrition. Over a 12 month period we will support you to develop your nutritional knowledge and habits using specific guidance, encouragement and accountability.
Online Training Programmes
MAK Coaching also utilises ProCoach™ Workouts software from Precision Nutrition. Whether you are looking to lose fat, build muscle or recover from an acute injury, there is a proven 12 month programme to guide you through.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Training

Detailed training and support for mums to become stronger and make posture and alignment improvements. Preparing your core and pelvic floor for the stressors that accompany pregnancy and postpartum, and then recovering as quickly and healthfully as possible.

Mobility Work
Specific mobility drills improving range of motion of your joints and muscles helping to alleviate 'everyday' aches and pains, as well as improving your body awareness.

“I have engaged a number of personal trainers over the years, but Alana is the first that really understood me as a person and what would be the best match for me with training. Not only did Alana cover the physical aspect of training, she also addressed nutrition, positive mindset and an overall holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle. Alana’s in-depth knowledge, professionalism and positive, bright personality made for an incredible experience even when she challenged me beyond what I ever thought physically possible!!! I would highly recommend engaging Alana as your personal trainer and prepare yourself for an ultimate lifestyle transformation.”

Bridget (45) Brisbane

One on One Fitness Assessments

Personalised assessments testing cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, flexibility and mobility providing useful information to allow more accurate program design.
Individual Health, Fitness & Nutrition Goal Setting
Developing your goals and discovering the deep motivators behind your goals will make them far more achievable.