Strength and Nourishment… that’s what MAK Coaching is all about.

After considering a teaching degree in PE almost 30 years ago, and then choosing to do something completely different; it is interesting to realise that I have actually coached, trained, taught and instructed many different people on very diverse subjects. Watching someone grasp and master a new skill, especially when they don't think they can, has always brought me great joy. I have loved these years of teaching, and they have taught me patience, empathy and humour, and this has allowed me to become a better coach. 


In my younger years I was a competitive gymnast, and was involved in many other sports at national level. I am a Commercial Pilot, a Flight Instructor and have a degree in Aviation majoring in Psychology. I was a firefighter in the New Zealand Fire Service. I have managed restaurants and bars. I have worked with special needs kids; specialised as a maternity nanny; and given the gift of sleep back to many parents while working as a child sleep consultant in London.  I hate running!! My favourite role by far is that of a mother.

I am no stranger to pain, both chronic and acute. 12 years of snowboarding in New Zealand, Europe and Canada bestowed upon me many accidents and injuries; dislocated shoulders, broken ribs and wrists, injured knees, and severely sprained ankles. In 2006, a wakeboarding accident led to further knee injury and ACL/MCL repair and reconstruction. I have ongoing knee pain to this day.  Early 2015 I underwent spinal surgery to repair 3 severely herniated discs in my lower spine. It took 10 months post-surgery to be pain free. Early 2016 I had breast lift surgery and unfortunately have had to undergo 2 further corrective surgeries (late 2016 and mid 2017).


My extensive experiences have given me a far deeper knowledge and understanding of not only the frustration of pain and injury, but how to train around these limitations. I have had to rehabilitate myself back from injury/surgery many more times than I would have liked.


Now my focus is strength and nutrition coaching. I have been in gyms and around weight training for nearly 30 years. I have been competition lean, and I have been heavy. Now I sit somewhere in the middle and have found and learnt balance….. FINALLY!   


I decided to become formally qualified, and completed my Certificate 3 in Fitness in 2013, and then achieved a Certificate 4 in Fitness whilst recovering from spinal surgery in 2015. My interest in nutrition has developed over the last 7 years since having my daughter. It is something I absolutely love, and am passionate about learning more.


I still have wobbly bits that I am growing to love, and I do not pretend I have all the answers.  

I am supportive and non-judgemental and, I am really and truly in your corner. I sincerely hope to inspire you to invest in your health.

  • Certified in Exercise Nutrition and Coaching - Precision Nutrition Level 1

  • Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach - Coaching & Training Women's Academy

  • Certificate 3 in Fitness (Gym Instructor/ Group Instructor/Aqua Instructor)

  • Certificate 4 in Fitness (Personal Trainer/Older Adults Trainer/Children’s Trainer)

  • Certified in Advanced Kettlebell Work - Functional Training Institute

  • Certified in Mobility Training - Functional Training Institute

  • Certified current CPR and First Aid

  • Fully Insured

"I have been working with Alana and  couldn’t be happier with my results. She is very encouraging and has a wealth of knowledge in regards to exercise as well as nutrition. Alana makes everything challenging but fun and and tailors each workout for you to reach your goals. I would recommend Alana in a heart beat!! "

Sheryl (42) Brisbane